We License Blocking-Note Vector Analysis of CSI Scripts Where Patented-Device "Custodians" Appear To Have Been Concealing High-Value Target And Mass Casualty Events With Live Action Role Play-LARP.

We Vectored the Boston Tea Party of December 1773 To Find Guild Hotels on Sportsbook Time [GHOST] Actors and Staging by East India Company Demonstrators Disguised As Native Americans.

A Vector Analysis Gives Users the Ability to Link the Custodians to The Deaths of Abe Lincoln-JFK, 9/11-7/7, Princess Diana-Michael Hastings And the Victims Of The SARS And COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Our AI Vector Analysis Per 10 Patents Listed Below Will Expose The Role The BBC In Phony CSI With City & Guilds, White’s Club, ΦΒΚ, KBΦ, Starnet And Serco (RCA GB 1929) And “Listen, Obey” English Socialist Party, Aka Ingsoc, Fictional Political Party Of Oceania In Orwell’s Novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, Pd 1949.

    1. SCRIPT: “Spoken text display method and apparatus, for use in generating [TV] signals [BBC allegedly injects Newspeak and vectors alibied actors, demolition teams, snuff-film crews, insurers, investors and cleaners to control CSI] … Text to be spoken by a speaker, e.g. a newsreader, and held in a store, is displayed [as] seen by the speaker through a partially-reflecting mirror mounted in front of a television camera. The text is scrolled up .. automatically by controller .. at speed which the text is spoken … 08/03/1998 Assignee: BBC  … [TV] camera is operating throughout ..  can thus be used to generate [TV] signal in live broadcasting .. speech recognition unit .. can be simplified because words .. spoken are, under most circumstances, contained within small number of words, typically less than ten, displayed to presenter at any moment does not need to identify .. utterance from large vocabulary but can .. look for .. very restricted subset of that vocabulary.” 
    2. VECTORGuild Hotels On Sportsbook Time [GHOST] “Prisoner tracking and warning system and corresponding methods .. Expert system (i.e. including but not limited to fuzzy logic, reinforcement learning, neural networks, artificial intelligence, etc.) algorithms .. determining and analyzing deviated behavior .. tracks, monitors, and learns behavior .. prisoner or parolee by controlling and regulating permitted/prohibited locations or sectors or sector dwell times or travel routes or travel times .. between various locations. 1998-06-04 Lemelson Jerome H… US6054928A”
    3. SPOT: “Friend or foe detection system and method and expert system military action advisory system and method .. a signal routing and control circuitry for controlling operations. … to broadcast and receive military force information, such as location and status (i.e. friendly, unfriendly, unidentified statuses). variables and firing index defined for or fuzzy logic system making firing decisions. 1999-01-13 Application Lemelson Jerome H.. 2000-12-26 US6166679A”
    4. SHOOT: Pre-coordination of return link for hand-off between coverage areas being traversed by a mobile transceiver platform .. land-based communications link connects ground stations [or snuff film crews] in each of coverage regions for communications with one another and also with a network operations center. As aircraft enters .. overlap between the two coverage regions, a sequence .. is initiated .. to ensure new forward link and return link .. received by aircraft before it relinquishes communications link with first ground station to begin communicating with second .. 1992-09-15 Priority to US945089 2001-08-31 Boeing Co …. 2022-07-24 Anticipated expiration”
    5. SNUFF: “Real-time interactive wagering on event outcomes .. Clients .. given wagering limits before being allowed to interactively wager on event outcomes ..  based on, for example, financial markets and indices, sporting and entertainment events, casino games, casino performances, and natural phenomena such as weather and earthquakes; Wager transactions executed in real-time. Inventor Howard Lutnick [Epstein friend; Left 658 Cantor Fitzgerald colleagues including his brother to die in Serco WTC1 LARP 9/11!!] 2007-12-27 US20070298871A1 Granted 2016-08-02”
    6. SLANDER: “Determination of whether a luciferian can be rehabilitated. … includes stimulating Luciferian with a first stimulus and recording a first physiological response to said first stimulus … the second physiological response, a second polarity of .. response to the second stimulus .. determining [by] comparing first .. and second polarity, whether Luciferian can be rehabilitated. Inventor Keith A. Raniere Current Assignee  First Principles Inc 2013-10-24 US20130281879A1”
    7. SPIN: “Social engineering protection appliance Abstract Methods and systems for detecting social engineering attacks comprise: extracting one or more non-semantic data items from an incoming email [to determine] one or more non-semantic data items match information stored in a data store of previously collected information; performing behavioral analysis [and] analyzing semantic data .. and determining, performing, and analyzing, identifying the email as potentially malicious or non-malicious .. Assignee  Vencore Cyveillance [QinetiQ] 2015-09-01 … US9123027B2”.
    8. SPLIT: Intelligent sorting for n-way secure split tunnel .. through .. 3-way split tunnel .. all traffic .. destined to servers at a central location .. via a secure VPN tunnel .. “white-list” of trusted external sites .. Web service that scrubs and filters the traffic to/from questionable sites .. chosen to minimize latency .. detour .. failures .. conserve energy by minimizing the number of routers”
    9. SLAPP—Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation: “A system and method for creating content such as artificial reality (AR) messages at an event, particularly among members on a social network .. enhancing and expanding … experience… shares an event with spectators, such as friends .. or subset in participant’s social network. AR message may include .. [vectored] artificial reality words, products or symbols and appear in a perspective view of the event to participants or spectators. In addition to creating an active gallery for an event, messages, audio and video .. virtual goods, money, bets, applause, other feedback, and donations [can be] exchanged. 2005-07-14 US69920505P 2012-09-06 Charles D. Huston .. 2013-11-19 Publication US8589488B2”
    10. SNEAK: “[Serco AI algorithms can conceal fatal LARPs by bypassing National Crime Agency’s forensic investigation machines, with benign code strings from a video game file] Digital forensic acquisition kit and methods of use thereof .. issuing and conducting automated imaging and preservation .. digital forensic data from active .. non-active .. computer systems .. secure forensic investigation of a target machine. Current Assignee LEGAL DIGITAL SERVICES (D/B/A SKOUT FORENSICS) LLC Blackberry Cylance Inc 2014-02-18 Publication of US8656095B.”