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Did Musk track “Woke Minds” to a Trudeau ChildBase RICO Program and Serco Body-Count Games?

Here below my current tweet and Twitter profile from to show you how Reverse CSI documentaries [our basic product] can break up the world’s fake-news cycles and start us on a journey of discovery that we should be making together.

At  you can find recent podcasts in which I show how Trudeau’s Family Maintenance Enforcement Program and Serco’s 3PL patent thickets control CSI outcomes with ‘woke minds’ and ‘transfected’ witnesses.

A tweet sent at 12:20 PM December 17, 2022 “Did Musk track “Woke Minds” to a Trudeau ChildBase RICO program and Serco body-count games? Is Serco 3PL hiding ‘transfected-witness’ blackmail in AR patent thickets? Has Musk lost his mind to US9498694B2, US6166679A, WO-2014172045-A1, CA3129725A1, US11366238B2 & US20070298871A1?

Profile: “Tracks Trudeau’s Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (88) & Serco’s 3PL patent thickets to the blackmail of transfected witnesses in ChildBase RICO AI games”

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David Charles Hawkins

P.S. I propose a 36th RICO offense to help the United States and then its allies deal with technology that has got ahead of the court’s ability to prosecute:

“Whoever has use or custody of a program to execute or conceal a predicate offense in violation of the laws of any State or the United States as consideration for the receipt of a promise to exchange anything of pecuniary or virtual value, violates this statute.”