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Can My TruthGPT Save Musk from Tesla COVID Bots, Trudeau’s Mutant ChildBase and Wuhan Game of Gates?

The tweet below sent from create Reverse CSI documentaries “The Deadbeat Parent’s Game—© David Hawkins, 2022” to expose FMEP crimes in the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act.

I focus on the witting or unwitting roles of Justin Trudeau, Bill Clinton, Elon Musk and OpenAI’s ‘fake-news’ Gates in the allegedly-criminal use of Tesla ‘Thuggee’ bankers—State Street, BlackRock & Vanguard—to 1. Infiltrate; 2. ‘Strangle’ CSI; 3. Steal; 4. Maim; 5. Kill; 6. Control populations by digitally impersonating ground-truth authorities.

Note that the 2019 Wuhan “super-spreader” military games were held on the same day as Event 201 in New York where a simulated pandemic sponsored by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the WEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, generated (impersonated) 65 million deaths!

Check podcasts at on Trudeau’s Tesla ‘Thuggee’ programs hide 50 years of ChildBase-pedophile games/crimes/frauds with psycho-chemical (LSD), neurological (MKUltra) and transfected (COVID) bio-weapons.

The Tweet sent 7:51 AM February 18, 2023 “Can my TruthGPT save Musk from Tesla COVID bots, Trudeau’s mutant ChildBase and Wuhan Game of Gates? Are Tesla bankers—State Street, Vanguard & BlackRock—hiding AR “Thuggee” games with Serco patent frauds—US20200257317A1, US9514748B2, WO2020002598A1, US9498694B2 & WO2014172045A1?”

Profile: “My #TruthGPT ties Trudeau’s Family Maintenance Enforcement Program and COVID mutant ChildBase to Tesla’s AI “Thuggee” bot-swarm games & Serco’s AR patent frauds”

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David Charles Hawkins

Bio “About Us” at Reverse CSI Scripts—Note 40 years as AI Mentor and published authority on ground truthing with a paper on ‘An analysis of expert thinking’ and patents for the Deductive Computing Syatem and the Fractal Paintbrish, decades before “We the People” realized the need for #TruthGPT to stop rogue AI.

P.S. I propose a 36th RICO offence to help the United States and then its allies deal with programs which have got ahead of the court’s ability to prosecute:

“Whoever has use or custody of a program to execute or conceal a predicate offence in violation of the laws of any State or the United States as consideration for the receipt of a promise to exchange anything of pecuniary or virtual value, violates this statute.”