35+ engaging lessons you can use in class tomorrow

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Ed Tech | Saturday, March 9, 2024

35+ engaging lessons you can use in class tomorrow

The LEGO Movie. Scooby Doo. Wonder Woman.

If we could package THAT into a lesson, it'd probably make it more engaging, right?

How about free pre-made lesson plans that incorporate those movies and TV shows? (And they're not illegal to show in class???)

You have to check out The Achievery, a free digital learning platform designed to spark curiosity and ignite a love for learning in students of all ages.

What is The Achievery?

Developed by AT&T in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery, The Achievery is a treasure trove of educational activities and lesson plans cleverly paired with captivating video clips from popular movies and TV shows like Aquaman, LEGO Batman, Young Sheldon and more. This engaging combination allows students to explore various subjects, from core curriculum areas like English and math to exciting fields like coding and digital literacy, all while being entertained by familiar characters and stories.

The Achievery website is set up to make it easy to get started right away, with:

  • Searchable database: Easily find content aligned with your specific curriculum needs.
  • Educator guides: Access detailed guides that provide step-by-step instructions on using The Achievery in your classroom.
  • Professional development: Explore webinars and workshops designed to help you make the most of this platform.

Getting started with The Achievery:

The Achievery is completely free to use! Simply visit The Achievery and create a free account. Once you're in, you'll have access to a vast library of content, organized by grade level and subject.

How can you use it in the classroom?

The Achievery lessons can be integrated into your existing curriculum in several ways:

  • Introduce new concepts: Captivate your students' attention by using engaging video clips as a springboard for introducing new topics.
  • Enhance lesson plans: Supplement your lessons with interactive activities and resources that reinforce key learning objectives.
  • Differentiation: The platform caters to diverse learning styles by offering a variety of activities, making it easy to differentiate instruction.
  • Independent learning: Encourage self-directed learning by assigning relevant videos and activities for students to explore independently.

35+ engaging lessons you can use in class tomorrow

We have curated 35 lessons below to give you an idea of some of the incredible resources available to you at The Achievery. Click on the icons below to be taken directly to that section or just scroll through them all. There are hundreds more available in The Achievery library!

English Language Arts

Alphabet Practice

Practice identifying different letters and saying letter sounds through fun letter games.

Building Connections through Vulnerability

Learn with Scoob! This learning unit consists of 3 separate but stackable lessons and corresponding exercises designed to be used and facilitated by educators. 

Dropping The Reader Into The Narrative

Learn about a tactic writers use to engage their readers called dropping the reader into the narrative.

Embracing Change

Discover with DC's Stargirl! This learning unit consists of 3 separate but stackable lessons and corresponding exercises designed to be used and facilitated by educators.

Effective News Writing

How do you become an effective news writer? Carl Azuz, the host and writer of an online news show called CNN10, tells young writers how to put pen to paper.

Social Emotional Learning

Qualities of a Good Friend

Cartoon Network’s Craig of the Creek follows the precocious Craig as he transforms everyday afternoons with his best friends J.P. and Kelsey into thrilling and comical adventures. 

Overcoming Barriers to Seeking Help

Why is it sometimes hard to accept help? The work can get easier if you accept the help that’s being offered. Explore with We Baby Bears! 

The Value of Accepting Help

Discover with The LEGO Batman Movie! There are big changes brewing in Gotham, and if he wants to save the city from The Joker's (Zach Galifianakis) hostile takeover, Batman may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up.

What Makes You Unique?

We all come from different backgrounds and cultures—but we may not realize that the things that make us unique can also help us build real-life skills! In this lesson, you’ll see how different ways of growing up can help people build skills for life.

Skills to Help You Succeed: Problem Solving

When a friend is facing a problem, what do you do? In this lesson, you’ll break a big problem down into smaller, actionable steps in order to help your friend solve his problem.

Technology & Engineering

Adventures in the Internet

The internet is like a big city! There are lots of places to go and things to see. Some places are safe and other places are not. Let’s learn how to stay safe online.

What is AI?

Learn how to define artificial intelligence and distinguish AI from other technologies.

How Computers Work: Data and Binary

Complete an unplugged activity from Code.org with number cards to understand how computers represent numbers and other data.

Computer Vision and NBA Data Tracking

Learn how the NBA uses technology to capture and analyze data on the court.

Computational Thinking with Girls Who Code Alumni

Welcome to Computational Thinking with Girls Who Code Alumni! In this series, our very own GWC Alumni introduce you to the core concepts of Computational Thinking, a problem-solving approach used in computer science to break down complex problems. 

Digital Arts

The Construction Crew

In this activity, you’ll learn how people work together to make media and how Foley artists make sounds for movies.

Composing Music

Composing Music is something we all can do. In this two-part video lesson, you will learn about music notation and create your own musical language using a grid instead of staff notation. And the best part is that you get to perform your music with your friends.

Allegories in Artwork

Learn how allegories in art and media help us understand and reflect on deeper meanings and messages in the world.

Game Engines — GameMaker and RPG Maker

All video games are made on a game engine, software that makes it possible for developers to create games. In this lesson, we will explore two game engines used in the industry — GameMaker and RPG Maker. In a different lesson, we explored other game engines, notably the Unity and Unreal game engines.

Creative AI: Crafting Comic Strips

Learners will gain an understanding of how generative AI can enhance creativity in artistic endeavors, learn to use AI tools to create a comic strip, and reflect on the implications of integrating AI into traditional art methods.


Strategies to add and subtract within 100

Learning how to add and subtract with big numbers? Boddle can help! Here are some strategies to help when doing problems with large numbers. 

Measuring Time Through Basketball

Learn how units of time are applied to measure a basketball game's length and structure.

The LEGO Movie Geometry Unit

In this lesson, students will be inspired by clips from The LEGO Movie to develop a greater understanding of geometry.

Batman’s Geometry Unit: Pythagorean Theorem

In this lesson, students will be inspired by clips from the LEGO Movie and LEGO Batman Movie to develop a greater understanding of the Pythagorean Theorem.

Quadratic Functions

Students will make connections across multiple representations in order to build conceptual understanding of quadratic functions and solve application problems, including projectile motion problems.


NASA Thermal Blanket Technician

Find out how Paula Cain took her of love of sewing and fashion design and transformed that love into her career at NASA as a thermal blanket technician. Thermal blankets, or “clothes for spacecraft,” help spacecraft function in the extreme environment of space. NASA’s Thermal Blanket Lab is a vital part of ensuring that the important equipment that NASA sends into space remains protected from getting too hot or too cold.

Build a Self-Powered Rocket

Use a simple chemical reaction to launch a small object.

Oceans Mapping

Learn to build confidence through skills development in perspective formation and expression (speaking/writing).

Scooby, Craig, and Guess Who: Momentum

Learn with Scooby Doo and Craig of the Creek! Students will learn the meaning of momentum and impulse and use them to describe motion and solve problems using the impulse momentum theorem and the law of conservation of momentum.

Team Up for Problem Solving

Arthur’s mother returns to Atlantis, the city under the sea where she is originally from. She leaves Arthur and his father behind to protect them from the Atlanteans, who will never let Arthur’s family live in peace. Years later, during a school trip to an aquarium, Arthur feels a connection with the animals in the tank. When some kids tease Arthur for speaking to the fish, an angry shark bashes the glass and cracks it in Arthur’s defense.

Digital Literacy

Being Kind Online: Introduction to Kindness

The way we treat other people matters. This unit will teach you about kindness. You will watch videos that teach you what kindness is, how to show kindness, and why kindness is important offline AND online.

Creating a Good Password

In this activity, you’ll learn how to make a good password for your online accounts.

Social Media & You

While social media can be a lot of fun, in these lessons you will learn how it can also be an important tool for civic engagement.

Taking Action on Ethical AI

Learners will explore the concept of ethical AI, understanding its significance and societal impact. They will engage with AI ethics organizations, design a campaign button to express their stance on an AI issue, and develop strategies to influence a more ethical and equitable future for AI.

Dealing with Digital Stress

Learn how social media can cause stress, and practice strategies for coping with digital stress.

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