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We can do better than marching
chapter by chapter through a textbook.

In his own classes, Matt Miller found that textbooks were more an obstacle to learning than a help. He ditched them. For years, he's learned what works better than traditional "textbook" teaching and shared those ideas widely. His workshops and keynote speeches empower, entertain and inspire teachers to move forward confidently.

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Google ideas to make your classroom click

Create amazing, unforgettable learning experiences.

When your students use Docs, Slides, Sheets and more in G Suite, they can do so much more than write an essay or do an oral report.

But how?

Coming up with creative classroom activities with Google tools is our jam. Learn how your students can create ...

• stop-motion animation
• infographics
• digital interactive notebooks
• and more

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#DitchThatTextBook author @jmattmiller is giving me LIFE with all of these practical #edtech resources! #Hyperdocs & @wakelet are superb resources for all teachers!#FETC

Listening to @jmattmiller speak at the 2018 Panhandle Stem Conference. Inspiring!

Reading. Thinking. Sharing. Ideas. @jmattmiller you lead. you encourage. Thank you. You have encouraged so many of our @Austin_Broncos teachers thru #ditchsummit and your twitter feed @MistyGriffinAMS to name one...

I bet you’ve never gotten to break into Bon Jovi to learn to be a better teacher during a keynote speech! #interface2019 @jmattmiller

The lessons are our way to change the world through our students! 🙌Thanks for all the resources https://t.co/SxUXoWPfgr

I’m still feeling pumped for planning for incoming first graders after @jmattmiller and @HollyClarkEdu amazing keynotes at #StudentVoiceCon18! Thank you for bringing what I needed!💚🚀 @Flipgrid

@jmattmiller @Birdvillenest Wow! Today was so inspiring and encouraging! If it's worth trying, it's worth revising. I feel you on an English teacher level, but that was so deep pedagogically speaking. Preach on! #12DaySummit

Not only do you get cool tech tools, you learn pedagogy. @jmattmiller https://ditchthattextbook.com/game/ #TCEA #tcea19

Assessment for learning with @jmattmiller who knew that I would learn Polish today 🤷 #fastandthecurious #tcea #tcea19

Highly recommend checking out @jmattmiller website! It’s packed full of fun ways to incorporate technology into the classroom!#pstpln #edtechksu

Just finished reading Matt Miller’s Ditch That Textbook, and I am rejuvenated and ready to go! Our students deserve unique experiences using a variety of tools and methods! Miller offers these ideas and more in his book! A MUST read for teachers! #ditchbook

Enjoyed our keynote speaker @jmattmiller today at #Interface2019 Not gonna lie...I got a little emotional when he was talking about the influence of a teacher #inspired

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